Road Transportation


Daewoo Express has been rendering passenger and cargo transportation services since 1997. Its current route network covers over 50 cities across Pakistan, making it the leading inter-city passenger bus service in the country. Asiapak Investments and Ithaca Capital, along with a consortium of investors, acquired the company in 2011. Ithaca is the second largest shareholder with a 29% stake in the company.

Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Limited

Express Bus Service

Provides long-distance passenger bus transportation services to 50 cities across 3 provinces. Operates a fleet of 350 buses with a long standing commitment to deliver its services with a focus onpunctuality, reliability and comfort.

City Bus Service

Provides intra-city bus transportation services in Lahore and Multan. Has recently expanded its fleet to over 250 buses in Lahore and Multan in partnership with the Government of Punjab.


Daewoo Logistics

Provides cargo services to consumers through its network of inter-city buses and a dedicated fleet of trucks.

Daewoo Cab

Provides safe, comfortable and convenient local transport in 5 cities with a fleet of 150 cars.